The Tech Show's Honor

The Tech Show Media Group is full of tech enthusiasts and amazing contributors. We love all of them and they play an important role in our community. This page on our website is dedicated to them. We thank each one of them for being part of this always growing community. We call them The Tech Show's VIP. You can find them almost everywhere in this community.


  1. Aaditya Aurobindo
  2. Divith Bajaj
  3. Omay Naik
  4. Pratik Nakhua
  5. Arbaaz Khan


  1.  Shreyas Ochani
  2. Bigneshwar Mohanty
  3. Yash Patik
  4. Onkar Joshi
  5. Kunal Koyande

The Tech Show Certificate 

We give a beautiful certificate to our moderators and officials on completing the required assessment criteria. This is a token of appreciation for our contributors.

Join The Tech Show

We will love to have you on our team. Inspiring tech enthusiast can join as a moderator. You will learn new things and will manage our forum. As a reward, we will give you a Mod Certificate. Currently, the seats are full but you can register your interest below and we can contact you later when there is a vacant place.


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