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Oneplus 7 pro : Flagship or Flagship Killer?

Hello everyone,

Recently Oneplus have unveiled two new devices viz the Oneplus7 and the Oneplus 7 pro. But, interestingly Oneplus7 is not going to be sold in USA. Why are they upto this scheme? Well, as there are two sides of a coin Oneplus basically aims to achieve two things.
They are adopting a new business model as the midrange phone segment is flooded wit phones out there and hence they basically are now trying to enter into the flagship market where the big giants Apple and Samsung have already acquired their markets.2. The only reason that they are allowing the Oneplus 7 in India and other Asian countries as their almost 70% of the margin comes from here and since they have always reclaimed their flagship killers trademark they are aiming to continue that. (The detailed review for Oneplus 7 will is going to be in the upcoming articles this week)

So, the question now arises is that,
Is OP7 pro really worth it? Talking about the specifications of the device it is loaded with all t…
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Switch To Linux Cheat Sheet - Windows/Mac Exclusive Apps Alternative

Linux is more stable and secure operating system than Windows or Mac. They run efficiently from a high-end computer to even a toaster. Linux is customizable like Android and is used by millions of servers worldwide. There are various distributions of Linux to suit different users need. But when it comes to moving from Windows/Mac to Linux then it becomes difficult because of apps and games available on Linux is limited. In this article, we cover best-suggested Windows/Mac apps alternative for Linux computers. This will work with every distribution. Now its time to shift.
Windows/Mac Apps Linux Apps Adobe Photoshop Express  GNU Image Manipulation (GIMP)
Adobe Premiere Pro/Wondershare Filmora/Final Cut Pro KdenLive, DaVinci Resolve, Open Shot   Microsoft OneNote / Notes App SimpleNote Messenger / iMessage Telegram, Station, Discord Skype / Meetings / Hangouts

Ant Audio W56 Earphones Unboxing + Review

Hello, this is Omay Naik from TTSMG and I have been using these earphones for about a month at the time I have written this review.

The earphone speaker housing is made up of metal, the rest of the build is made up of rubber and plastic. These come with two earphone hooks pre-attached to the earphones. These are made of rubber and can be rotated to fit your ear. The housing sports the Ant Audio's brand logo on its sides, which looks cool. These have performed better than expected and have also become my favourite.
The packing includes the earphones (obviously), some stickers, a clip, the warranty card, earplugs of various sizes (small, medium and large) (medium ones are attached to the earphones), the ear hooks are already on the earphones and a welcome card. The features of the device and its specs are displayed on the packaging.



Frequency Response: 20-20KHz
Impedance (Ohm): 16Ω±15%
Sensitivity (dB/mW): 90dB±3dB
Cord Type: Flat Wire
Cord Length: 1.2 m

Apple Desktop Workstation Computer - Mac Pro and Pro Display XDR Impressions

Recently Apple announced the all-new Mac Pro and Pro Display XDR. Upgrading the trash can Mac Pro from 2013. The combination of Mac Pro and Pro Display makes this Apple's most powerful mac desktop yet. The new Mac Pro 2019 has an Intel Xeon 28-core processor on top of 1.5 TB of 6-channel ECC system memory, which implies you're unlikely to run into any job that's too heavy for the new Mac Pro.

Without a doubt, Mac Pro 2019 is built for the future–and it also looks like it came from the future. The latest Mac Pro features a frame of stainless steel that dissects the 2013 model's spherical' bin' look in favor of a more traditional tower chassis that echoes older Mac Pro models. The front and back are filled with vent holes that are unique in design.

Specifications 300 watts of power, runs fully unconstrained2933MHz ECC memory, 12 DIMM slots8 internal PCI slots, four double-wide slots, three single side slotsHalf-length slot populated with two TB3 ports, audio jack, …

Play Amazon Music, YouTube Music, Spotify And More On POP OS/ Ubuntu (Linux Distro's) - Step By Step Install Guide

Now you can stream music from Amazon music, YouTube music, Spotify and 29 different streaming services on your favorite Linux Desktop. Nuvola Music Player brings web app streaming service to traditional Linux distribution. Every service is installed as a desktop application and launches in a window with a full app like notification control center. Here is step by step guide to install Nuvola in Pop Os or any Ubuntu-based Linux distribution.

Step By Step Install Guide 
(Works with  GNOME (Pop Os), Unity, and Pantheon (Elementary OS).
1. Install FlatPak
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:alexlarsson/flatpak sudo apt update sudo apt install flatpak
2. Install Nuvola
flatpak remote-add --if-not-exists flathub flatpak remote-add --if-not-exists nuvola
3. Install Nuvola Configure Tool

flatpak install nuvola eu.tiliado.Nuvola
4. Install Your Favorite Streaming Service
YouTube Music

flatpak install nuvola eu.ti…

Apple launches iPadOS. An OS designed for the iPad itself

Apple announced a new operating system for the iPad, which denotes the detachment of the iPad operating system from iOS.

The iOS system did not use the full capabilities of the huge screen provided by the iPad along with its onboard hardware. The new iPadOS utilizes the full capabilities of the iPad to provide a desktop class experience on the go.

The new features provided include multi-tasking using a split screen window. You can now use two safari browsers simultaneously on the iPad or any app for that matter. The multi-tasking also includes slide over gestures, so you can have multiple apps hovering over your main app (using one hovering app at a time), the apps are stored in the working memory so the data remains on the app and can be managed using the task manager.

Apple also introduced gestures in the iPad which allow you to perform certain commands. For example, you can pinch to copy and unpinch to paste. The keyboard can also be pinched to make the keyboard smaller to an iPhone s…

Xiaomi And Oppo Reveal In-Display Camera

In an ever changing environment of front camera orientation, Xiaomi and Oppo are attempting to blow the competition out of the water by implementing in display cameras.
Over the last year, Chinese manufacturers have come up with with several innovative ways to go bezel-less and yet have powerful front cameras. Some of the techniques used are pop up cameras, sliders, Water drop notches etc.
Xiaomi and Oppo are bringing a whole new unprecedented innovation to the field of front camera placement with the under display camera.
In a weibo post, Oppo Vice President Brian Shen shared a video of a prototype smartphone without a physical front camera

The lack of a physical camera comes with it's own pros. There's one less part to scratch and break. There is a concern regarding pop up front cameras regarding their durability and this technology could set them all at ease

Shen admitted that this under-screen camera technology is still in its early days. "At this stage, it's diffic…


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