KDE Connect is one of the popular applications for Linux and other operating systems. It was initially designed for KDE Desktop Environment but works with almost any distribution. Some desktop environments like GNOME (Pop OS) and Patheon (Elementary) have some issues due to their different notification system. 

elementary os kde connect issue

GNOME has a special solution for that which is GSConnect. But when it comes to Elementary there is no such application. But thanks to developers there is a special app indicator for Elementary that makes KDE Connect work flawlessly. This article will help you install the same.

elementary os kde connect fixed


[NOTE - Make sure you have enabled wingpanel-indicator-ayatana before proceeding with these steps. It enables app indicator icons in your elementary os which was removed since Juno. Install guide - Re-Enable ayatana-appindicators]

  • Search and Download Indicator-KDEConnect and KDE Connect From App Center.
eos app center

  • Start KDE Connect on Phone and PC
kde connect android

  • Connect Your Device (Request and Accept Pairing)
accept pairing

  • Start Indicator-KDEConnect.
eos app drawer

  • Add Indicator-KDEConnect in Auto Startup Settings.
startup settings

That's it. The only thing that does not work is a mounting phone file system. But you can browse and send files from both devices. Also now it will automatically connect to your phone at device startup/ boot. Enjoy :)

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