Welcome Friends,

This Article is a walkthrough for the latest 'Windows 10 Creators update'. 

After a successful installation of this update, you will be notified like this.

Closing the above window automatically opens Edge Browser.

New features Introduced in Edge Browser are given below.

Lets see what's new in Mail! A new inbox focused, faster searchable and much more.

Now, the Windows store!

More New apps introduced in Windows Store!

This was all about the automatic popped up edge browser's window.

Now let's see more. Talking about Settings, Here something is new.


Let's see the all new Windows Defender.

There is something new in the Notification area. 

If you are a night owl i.e. if you are working on your pc with all Lights off then 'Night Light' mode will decrease the level of Blue light emission to protect your eyes.

Did you see something to the left hand side of the Night Light mode? Yes you're right, now you don't need any third party app for creating Hotspot on your la . Using the 'Mobile hotspot' option you can make your Laptop as a hotspot or wifi zone.

Movies & TV shows can now play movies "Mini mode. 

That's all folks. This was just a walkthrough which showed you the changes and feature updates. I may not have covered everything but most of them are here.

Thanks for being a part of the walkthrough. 

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