Saturday, 8 July 2017

Flipkart Introduces Buyback Guarantee

In a major move, Indian e-commerce giants Flipkart have introduced a new scheme called Buyback Guarantee.

According to this, for every smartphone purchased from Flipkart there will be a guarantee of receiving a specified amount of money on it's sale.

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This comes as a great news for people who like to frequently change their smartphones. Each specific model has it's own Buyback amount predetermined.

According to Flipkart the price for the smartphone will not change irrespective of technological and market circumstances which means that the promised amount will be delivered.
Here are a few features of Buyback Guarantee.

Future Proof

Flipkart guarantees you the best exchange value based on the technological conditions prevailing today. This means that irrespective of your phone being outdated, it will fetch the same amount of money that was promised.


If you're thinking that it's going to be a pain to go drop your phone each time you want to buy a new one this is for you. Flipkart brings a free pickup and drop facility to your doorstep.

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