Recently Google rolled out the new Gmail web beta. It brings new material fresh design with better Google apps integration. It is not turned on by default but you can try it by clicking on the Settings icon and click on " Try New Gmail"

The world’s most popular email service is getting a big overhaul today. Google is making official the changes we saw leaked earlier this month, with email snoozing, nudging, and confidential mode making their debut alongside a substantial visual redesign for Gmail on the web. The new Gmail begins a global phased rollout today, which is to say that it won’t be available to every one of Gmail’s 1.4 billion users right away, and the first to get it will be invited to opt-in rather than being able to just turn it on themselves

The safety pillar centers around a new confidential mode. This allows the sender to set an expiration date for a sensitive email or to revoke it entirely. Google makes it work by not sending the confidential content directly — you’re only sending a link to the content, which lives in your mailbox and is accessed by the recipient either via their Gmail account.
integrated rights management (IRM) is one of a number of business-centric features making it into the new Gmail for everyone, allowing you to block the forwarding, copying, downloading, or printing of particular messages.

Two-factor authentication (2FA) on a per-message basis is also being added in under the umbrella of confidential mode. You can request that the recipient authenticates with a passcode received via text message before they’re able to open a confidential email.


You can enable the new look and features by clicking on the Settings icon in the top-right corner, then selecting Try the new Mail option. 

Source - The Verge, CNET

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