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This is a new edition of App Review, today we are going to be reviewing four mobile games

The Apps reviewed in this article are:
  • Hexio
  • Hole.io
  • Dragon Ball LEGENDS


It is a puzzle game available for free on the Android Play Store and Apple App Store. It is developed by Joey Kazama.

The game consists of nodes each bearing a count. This count indicates the number of connections between that node and other nodes.

 Hexio. Level 37. Walkthrough. - YouTube

The aim of each puzzle stage is to connect all nodes while exhausting every count. Note that the stages sometimes incorporate anchor points. All of the points must be used to complete a stage. Multiple paths can be formed between two nodes or an obstacle can be bypassed using them.

The two nodes which are being connected to each other must have a common color to form a connection.

Hexio. Level 40. Walkthrough. - YouTube

Overall it is satisfying to solve each puzzle. The blend of complex and simple puzzle stages which does not correspond to the level number will allow you to play through without getting frustrated as the levels progress. Each new element is greeted with an introductory simple puzzle preceding the more demanding ones. There is an option to get a hint which is limited and you can get more hints by watching ads.


This is a classic io game, available for free on both Android and iOS devices. Developed by Voodoo, the graphics are quite classic.


In this game, you play the role of a circle that devours everything in its path. However, you can only devour things that are smaller than you. By consuming more and more, the size of your circle increases thereby allowing you to devour larger objects.

Each object has a point value and is displayed when it is devoured. Stack up a large point value in 2 mins in the classic game mode where you compete with other players. Note that you can devour other players if they are smaller than you, to gain points and also kick them out of the play for a while.

There are 3  game modes available and each match runs for 2 mins:
  • Classic
A 2 min multiplayer competitive frenzy on who devours the most points.
  • Battle
A fight to the last one standing.
  • Solo Run
Finish devouring the whole map in 2 mins

Hole.io - Apps on Google Play

The landscape and the strategy are different for the two available maps. The maps are randomly selected, they are cities and islands.

You can unlock skins by completing certain requirements, also simple colors are pre-unlocked.


This game is available for free on Play Store and the App Store. It is developed by Zoo and God of The East Sea.

DOKDO - Apps on Google Play

In the game, you start off as a small ship and have to work your way up to larger brigs, by upgrading and defeating other ships in dogfights.

The controls are intuitive and only consists of swipes and taps. Even the firing of cannons is automated. Your health bar is at the top of the screen.

Dokdo Review: This Mobile Game Is the Poor Man's Sea of Thieves ...

The cannons fire when the enemy ships are off your port or starboard (i.e. off horizontally to your ship). When starting off as a small ship, you have one cannon on each side of your ship.

The upgrades available are as follows:

  • Body (Hull size/ Health)
  • Sail (Speed)
  • Steering (Turning radius)
  • Cannon (Attack power and no. of cannons)
  • Fishing (Number of fish caught)

There are three ways to earn resources:
  • Fishing (Earns Gold when not playing the game the rate depends upon time offline)
  • Sinking other ships (Reasonably fast)
  • Conquering Islands from other fleets
Download DOKDO Mod 1.16.6 (Unlimited Money) Apk for Android

The graphics are crisp and indie themed. The gameplay is fun and entertaining and only requires one to swipe and tap on the screen to move or turn one's ship.
There are two maps both differing in difficulty. The one with the lower difficulty starts you off at the island of Crater, whereas the other starts you off at the island of Pisa. The Arena map (Crater island)   has 5 enemy ships each for every unconquered island on average and the Colosseo map (Pisa island) has 10 enemy ships per island.

Dragon Ball Legends:

Classic Dragon Ball is here on Android and iOS devices.

Download Dragon Ball Legends APK for Android | Latest Version 2019

We all DB sans must have been guilty of playing Dragon Ball games on our mobiles using emulators. Bandai Namco had launched Dragon Ball LEGENDS in August of 2018 for mobile devices. You can play as your favorite characters like Goku, Bardock, Vegeta. However, you need to unlock their corresponding card which is obtainable through summoning or quest rewards.

DRAGON BALL LEGENDS - Apps on Google Play

Move your character by swiping up to go closer to your opponent and swiping down to go away from your opponent. Swiping left or right makes you go in a circular path with the opponent in the center.

Each battle is a tag team match, you can switch between characters to gain an advantage based on the element of each character (Will be explained later below).

The ki gauge is standard and you require a certain amount of ki to activate technique cards the moves of which are unique to each character for their ultimate and power-up cards. Each char has its unique stats and also a unique power-up ability which is activated by clicking on the character avatar during battle once the gauge is full.

You can attack with fists and kicks by getting close to your opponent and tapping on the screen.
Ki blast attack can also be executed by tapping on the screen when there is a gap between your opponent and you. However, it consumes some ki and the frequency is dependent on your taps.

Behind the scenes with the Dragon Ball Legends GCP backend – WideOps

Dodging the opponent's attacks can be done by swiping quickly towards the left or right. However, it consumes the vanishing gauge which is limited and can be replenished by switching characters or not using it for some time.
There are elements assigned to each character card and it has advantages and disadvantages over other elemental types. It is denoted by the following diagram:

The Menu consists of Story, Training,

Unlike traditional DB games so far, this one has its gameplay in portrait mode.


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