The latest iteration of the number one mobile game, Player Unknown Battle Grounds(PUBG), has officially launched PUBG Lite in India.

PUBG Lite is focused on lower range devices with low RAM and space requirements. The download size of PUBG Lite is 400MB and can easiest run on phones with 2 GB RAM.

However, PUBG Lite users cannot play with PUBG users as PUBG Lite has different gameplay mechanics and features which we'll get to later in the article.

PUBG Lite features only one map named Erangle. Users can play in a single-player, duo, or as a squad of 4. The other mode available in War mode. Team Death Match is currently not available.

PUBG Lite offers aim assist along with no bullet drop, suppressed recoil, etc. Another major difference is that only 60 people land on the island instead of 100. Thus the games will be quicker and more fast-paced.

Will you be downloading PUBG Lite? If you already have you can comment on the reviews in the comments section below.


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