South Korean tech giants Samsung, after much speculation, have officially released the schedule for Android 10 Updates along with the list of devices that will be eligible for the update. 

According to the official timeline released by Samsung, several models, right from flagships like the Galaxy Note 10 to entry-level devices like the Galaxy J6, will all receive the Android 10 Updates. The rollout will commence in January 2020 and will go on until the third quarter. As is to be expected, the S10- and the Note 10-series will be among the first to receive the software, while tablets like the Tab A 10.5 (2018) will get it next September.

Here's the official schedule for the update along with the devices eligible for the update.

- Galaxy S9(Jan)
- Galaxy S9+(Jan)
- Galaxy Note9(Jan)
- Galaxy M20(Jan)
- Galaxy M30(Jan)
- Galaxy A30(Jan)
- Galaxy S10e(Jan)
- Galaxy S10(Jan)
- Galaxy S10+(Jan)
- Galaxy Note10(Jan)
 - Galaxy Note10+(Jan)
- Galaxy-M40(Mar)
 - Galaxy A6(Apr)
 - Galaxy A6+(Apr)
- Galaxy A7 (2018)(Apr)
- Galaxy-A9-2018(Apr)
- Galaxy A50(Apr)
- Galaxy A70(Apr)
- Galaxy A70s(Apr)
- Galaxy A80(Apr)
- Galaxy Fold(Apr)
- Galaxy M30s(Apr)
- Galaxy Tab S6(Apr)
- Galaxy A8 Star(May)
- Galaxy A10(May)
- Galaxy Al Os(May)
- Galaxy A20(May)
- Galaxy A30s(May)
- Galaxy M10s(May)
- Galaxy 0n6(Jun)
- Galaxy J6(Jun)
- Galaxy A20s(Jun)
- Galaxy J6+(Jul)
- Galaxy J7 Duo(Jul)
- Galaxy 0n8(Jul)
- Galaxy J8(Jul)
- Galaxy Tab S4(Jul)
- Galaxy Tab S5e(Jul)
- Galaxy Tab A 8(Aug)
 - Galaxy Tab S5e(Aug)
- Galaxy Tab A (2018, 10.5)(Sep)
- Galaxy Tab A10.1(Sep)

Does your device feature on the list? Let us know in the comments section below 

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