HP has great support for open-source Linux drivers for their amazing printer and scanner series. They proudly call it HPLIP (Hp Linux Imaging and Printing) and they have a dedicated install guide and site for it. They also build a script that automates the difficult process. But it turns out they only support 15 distributions and have a lot of dependencies required which is a mess to install and aborts the installation.

But there is also a simple way to install the basic HPLIP driver and HP Device Manager (GUI) which is what we most people require to Print, Scan, and Fax. This is a hand-tested method on Pop OS and Elementary OS. It should also work great in any ubuntu based system.

sudo apt update
sudo apt upgrade
2) Install HPLIP Driver and HP Device Manager
sudo apt install hplip hplip-gui

3) Launch HPLIP Toolbox/ Device Manager From App List OR Search

(If you are unable to find it then Reboot your computer once)

4) Connect Your Printer Now

(HP Device Setup Should Launch or your printer should be automatically detected)

Congratulations. Now your printer is connected with your Linux Machine. Now you can Print, Scan and Fax documents. 

Additional apps like XSANE, Simple Scan might be needed to install in order if your distribution is unable to download it from APT. Just google the APT Command to install it.


  1. What is the command to UNINSTALL please?

  2. This article was very helpful in getting my old HP Laserprinter working with POP-OS, however one edit: the hp-plugin installation step would not accept my root/supervisor password and I was forced to abort. "sudo hp-plugin" from the terminal saved the day in spite of the displayed warning that POP-OS was not an authorized distro. Seriously, HP?!?


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