Coding is fun and interesting. Learning coding online is not that difficult and much better than learning in 9 to 3 Classes. Here are the Top 5 Tips and Tricks which will help you learn to code efficiently and get hired.

how to learn coding online

1. Learn in a Flow

learn with the flow

Learning step by step is very much important. Clear the basics first and then move to the complete topic. You cannot learn to manipulate DOM elements without learning about DOM elements in HTML. 

2. Code Along

code along

Coding along learning helps you understand code better and it improves your error solving skills. Code along is only possible on desktop and laptop. 

3.Note Down Points

note down points

Watching hours of videos in a loop won't help much. But learning section-wise and noting down points in a sheet of paper or document will help you remember points better. This is great for quick revision. 

4.Build your Portfolio & Projects

build your portfolio and projects

Building a Project and Portfolio is very much essential and useful for coding jobs. This makes it easy to showcase your skills and talent. 

5. Become a Problem Solver

become a problem solver

A developer is someone who develops something for good. You need to try solving day to day issues with your coding techniques. Problem-solving is all about making things done easily and efficiently. Most companies look at your ability to solve a problem. 

Bonus Tips

Be part of a Developer Community

be part of developer community

Making developer friends is something you should consider. Not only your friend will understand you better and also will help you if you are stuck somewhere. 

Participate and Contribute to various coding competitions

participate and contribute to open source

Participating in competitions will help you to enhance your skills and you will start thinking out of the box. Meeting like-minded people like you at competitions and events is cheery on the cake.

Be in the Top 10%. Stand out in a crowd.

stand out in crowd

You need to stand out from the crowd to get shortlisted first. You can stand out by creating special projects and amazing portfolios. You can impress your recruiter with your language, presentations, or problem-solving skills.

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