This blog is related to a disease specifically known as – Alzheimer 

Here patient suffering from this disease certainly has a neurological disorder that causes the brain cells to shrink ultimately leading to their death. Studies show that people above the age of 65 mostly fall into the trap of this disease. 

But the studies of drugs via DRUG DESIGNING SOFTWARES & their probability to justify drug & medicinal process to be followed has marked significant progress to achieve the maximum efficacy results. 

Softwares available to understand such incredible efficacies are enlisted below

• Insight II - Graphical molecular modeling program

• Pipeline Pilot - Client-server platform to construct graphical workflows

• Discovery Studio - Structure-based designing software for protein modeling, sequence analysis, pharmacophore analysis

• Materials Studio - It is designed for structural and computational researchers with huge combinations of various languages leading to the development of various tools for chemicals and materials 

• Accord - It is an oracle based software used for storage, retrieval, analysis of chemical structures and related biological, chemical, and inventory data

• Auto Dock – It is a pack of automated docking tools which is designed to dock molecules, receptors, etc.

• Macro Model - Molecular modeling packaging suitable using leading force fields which provides accurate results

The above software plays a vital role to process such difficult tasks via synergistic uses of the same.

With the above use of software & using the AI, the graphs & analytical data obtained by this process helps to get the best of its result and progressing the judgment of the AI with tremendous accuracy.

The team – DRIAD (Drug Repurposing In Alzheimer's Disease), - (DNMGH) Department of Neurology at MGH and an instructor at HMS lead to an amazing innovation combining medical & IT sources to the better health of an individual. 

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