Thursday, 16 March 2017

Mi Router HD - All You Need To Know

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Xiaomi recently been to CES 2017 for the first time ever for new Product launch globally.
CES is a global consumer electronics and consumer technology tradeshow that takes place every January in Las Vegas, Nevada. Mi announced 3 new products in Mi eco-system. The one of them is Mi Router HD. Xiaomi Mi Router HD will launch in China in Q1 in two versions, the first will be a1TB version which will be priced under $200 and the second 8TB version will be priced under $500.

Hugo Barra the Vice President for Xiaomi announced that Mi Home has about 5 million daily active users and 50 million connected devices make up the Mi Ecosystem. Barra pointed out that Mi Routers are the central piece in the Internet of Things as they enable users to build their own wireless networks and personal cloud setups. Xiaomi detailed that the new Router HD comes with a 4×4 multi-user MIMO [Multiple In Multiple Out] routers which allows up to 2600 Mbps transfer speeds. The router comes with 4 high-gain PCBarray antennas for solid connectivity.

The most important feature of the router is the “surveillance-class” hard drive with capacity up to 8TB. Router HD allows you to automatically back up all the devices at home including Apple Time Machine. It also adds the functionality to sync with Dropbox and keep an offline copy of data on the cloud storage service with itself. Barra also pointed out that the device can integrate with Sonos audio system and the company will add more services soon with software updates.

The quality is significant of high standards in enterprise-grade routers, because they are made to run businesses not home networks. Imagine a Bank network going down because of compromising in quality. If the same happens at your home its not gonna impact anything except your peace of mind. So Mi Router HD is an enterprise-grade router with the great build quality and strong signal stablity for trusted connectivity.

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