If you've seen videos on Facebook and other social media sites of a hologram pyramid and wondered how it's done then you're at the right place. Here's how you make your own hologram pyramid.

Required Materials

  1. 0.5mm thick transparent acrylic/plastic sheet. (You can use plastic sheets used in packaging)

  2. Access to a printer (if possible)

  3. Scissors

  4. Cutting Knives

  5. Clear cellotape

  6. Ruler

  7. Pen

  8. Smartphone

Follow These Steps for Your Own DIY Hologram Pyramid

1. Print out the template shown below on a sheet of A4 size paper.diy hologram

NOTE: If you do not have access to a printer, you can also make a template on your own. Draw a basic “Trapezoid” on a piece of paper using these dimensions. Parallel sides= 1cm, 6cm & other two sides= 4.5cm each. You can always double or triple the dimensions in proportion to use on a larger display.

2. Trace out the shape on the plastic sheet using a ruler and pen. For the trapezoid template, trace out four similar outlines on the plastic sheet. Now carefully cut out the outlines with a cutting blade and ruler. Try to make your cuts as precise as possible for a perfect pyramid.

3. If you used the printout template: Score the red edges very lightly using a cutting blade. This will allow you to fold the edges better and form a pyramid shape. Stick the open edges of the sheet together using clear cellotape.

If you used the trapezoid template: Join the four edges to form a pyramid shape. Stick them together.

Either way, in the end, you will have a pyramid-like the one shown below.

diy hologram

4. That’s it! You have made yourself a hologram pyramid! All you have to do now is play a hologram video in your phone. Place the hologram pyramid in the middle of your screen like shown in the image below and enjoy the show. Don’t forget to switch off the lights in the room before you start playing the video.

diy hologram

You can find plenty of hologram videos on YouTube.

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