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This Guide will give you the tips for Downloading the most awaited 'Windows 10 Creators Update'.

Windows 10 Creators Update common installation problems and fixes ...

STEP 1: Check if Windows 10 is at its latest version. 

Go to SETTINGS/Update & Security/Click on Check for updates. If you are on the latest version then its great or else the latest updates will be downloaded automatically.

STEP 2: Click on "Yes, show me how"  given in the below snapshot.

The statement "Good news! The Windows...." and the link below it will appear only when your PC has the latest Windows 10 update.  So keep checking for the latest updates as described in the first snapshot.

STEP 3: Download the "WINDOWS UPDATE ASSISTANT" and install it.

After you click on "Yes! Show me how", your browser will automatically open and it will direct you to the Microsoft website to install the "Windows Update Assistant".

STEP 4: Start Downloading the "Windows 10 Creators update."

NOTE: It requires a lot of time to download the update at low internet speed (range: upto 2-3 Mbps WIFI users or 3G users) but it downloads in a few minutes or half an hour approximate for High Speed Internet users like 4G speed users .(Everything depends on your internet speed so I can't help with the internet speed) .

Thanks Kunal Koyande for providing the Snapshots !!!

This Video was made for "Guide for Windows 10 anniversary update" steps are similar to "Windows 10 Creators update".

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