Monday, 8 January 2018

Monetization of videos on YouTube: How it works?

Over the last few weeks, we have been receiving various queries about the monetization of videos on YouTube. Youtuber's here is all you need to know about the monetization.

When uploading videos on YouTube one thing you forget to do is on the monetization of your videos. If you haven't turned on yet then turn it on.
After turning on, you would see this following symbols on your videos. Here is what they indicate.

1. Simple Dollar Sign:- According to YouTube, this symbol indicates whether the video is monetized or not.
                     Image result for dollarsign

- This symbol indicates that video is not monetized because you haven't turned on monetization for the video of your channel.
- This symbol indicates that video is not currently available for monetization and not eligible to earn revenue from ads or YouTube Red  advertiser friendly and it is upheld until further review.

2. Green Dollar Sign:- This symbol on your video indicates that your video is monetized and there is nothing wrong with the video but it doesn't means that all videos views are monetizable.
                    Image result for dollarsign
There might be a possibility that out of your 10k views the ads would have been available for only 3k. There is also something to do with the contrast of green symbol on your video.

-Video is Monetized
- Video is monetized and sharing video revenue with another account.

3. Black Dollar Sign:

                 Image result for black dollar cut
This indicates that you are not making money from it because it has some partial content or third part content which maybe TV Scenes,Pieces of Videos from other channel or blogs. But this still displays ads and instead of the money coming to you it goes to the copyright owners.

4. Yellow Dollar Sign: This is also considered as the symbol of Death for YouTuber's. It shows that the video is not suitable for most advertiser's. i.e indication limited or no ads. You can correct this by  clicking on the symbol

                    Image result for dollarsign
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