Thursday, 11 January 2018

Huawei Launches A New Mesh Wifi System (CES 2018)

Each one of us at some point of time has desired an Internet connection of over 1 Gbps. Huawei has now made that desire a reality with it's new mesh wifi system, the Wifi Q2. 

Huawei has forayed into the mesh Wifi market which currently has 40% of the Wifi market share with it's new WiFi Q2. The WiFi Q2 combines mesh and powerline technologies to give 1867 Mbps of Internet speed provided your bandwidth supports it.

A Wifi mesh is ideal for providing fast and secure connections to building and is extremely useful if you have Wifi dead zones in your house/office.

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Along with the Wifi mesh, the Wifi Q2 will use your existing electrical network to route data instead of just using ethernet cables. Coupled with the Wifi mesh, this will give you uninterrupted data at the highest speed in all points of your home/office.

The Wifi Q2 can connect upto 192 devices at the same time and has a switching delay of only 100 ms. 
“We are streaming more content than ever before, more music, more movies, and more social media on more connected devices, which makes fast and reliable Wi-Fi an essential need,” said Richard Yu, CEO, Huawei Consumer Business Group in today’s announcement.” ͞The Huawei WiFi Q2 offers today’s families a hybrid whole home Wi-Fi system with a reliable, flexible solution that expands Wi-Fi throughout our homes.”
Huawei is charging $349.99 for a hybrid three-pack,  and $219.99 for one base unit and two satellites.

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