Apple released the iOS 11.2.2 update on Monday to fix the Spectre flaw impacting both iPhones and Macs running ARM or Intel chipsets. Using Spectre hackers can use one application running on the chip to look at data used by other applications. This way hackers can access the information in your processor and core memories. To read more about Spectre click here

Apple has been mired in controversies pertaining to the tech giant slowing down older phones. The iOS 11.2.2 update has stoked the embers of the controversy mentioned above. Developer Melvin Mughal was the first to discover that the update has been massively affecting the phone's performance. 

Users are finding their iPhone slow after update

Across over 30 single-core and multi-core benchmarks, Mughal found single-core and multi-core performance of his iPhone 6 fell by an average of 41% and 39% after updating to the latest iOS 11.2.2. Mughal immediately reported his findings on his blog which soon crashed due to large volumes of incoming traffic.

Apple predicted that the patch will cause a drop in performance by 2.5% . Hopefully Apple will resolve the issue immediately with a software patch. 

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