Monday, 22 January 2018

The Dilemma Of Xiaomi & Mi Fans

Recently after Xiaomi's India Success some of the hard-core Mi Fans were upset because they were not getting updates to certain devices (Redmi 3s,Note 3 etc). Plenty of bugs in some devices (A1, Mix 2 etc), no official events like Mi POP and Roadshow. Even Xiaomi who are known to care about customer feedback have stopped caring. Prime examples being refusal to provide Kernal sources, Camera2api etc.

My take on this whole matter. No offense to anyone and no partiality.

Mi is known for quality products at affordable prices and user-centric company. Their Fan to Fan business model is great and we loved it since last 2 years. Now the company has grown and this model won't benefit anymore that's why they need to follow OFFLINE business model via advertisements and partnerships. That's all great because products and support will increase.

The main problem here is that some of us hardcore Mi fans are not getting the old love from xiaomi. No special Events like Mi-POP, RoadShow and Grand Mi India tour. No more priority F codes and coupons. Neither straight communication with officials. Almost 80℅ of community users questions are not answered.

Mi Fan clubs are great but they are far away from what official events feel like.

Overall there is no one's fault here. When a company grows they workload also doubles and that's the reason why hardcore mi fans are not getting any attention. Neither their expectations are fulfilled.

Currently, there is no solution for the same because everything is running smoothly from sales and support and quality products and now Mi has a good brand establishment. Hardcore fans are limited and I am pretty sure we can find solution for the same soon.

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