Google recently announced the all-new Android Earthquake Alert System. Using the android phone accelerometers which detects shaking and sends the location information data to Google Server which then aggregates the data received from many android phones and confirms that an earthquake has occurred and how big it is. 


This means now all our phones are mini seismometers that look for earthquakes around us. Google is working with USGS (United States Geological Survey) and Cal OES (California Governor's Office of Emergency Services) for advanced information about earthquakes which then will be shown in Google Search. 

The Alerts

  • Alerts in Google Search and Google Now
  • Android System alerts in California 
  1. Take Action Full Screen Alert
  2. Be Aware Notification Alert
Now this feature is enabled globally but the alerts are not. For everyone around the world, the earthquake with only be shown when you search for nearby earthquake locations. For people in California will get system alerts. These alerts are of two types - Fullscreen and Notification alert. 

When the conditions are severe the android will show a full-screen red alert to take immediate cover and for low shaking areas, it will show a notification warning alert. Now we are not sure how this will work for non-stock Android devices and maybe if this gets enabled worldwide someday. 

There would be also an API for this so developers can use this data to add more features and safety alerts in their app. This is pretty neat that Google is using our data efficiently to help each other and provide safety measures around the world. 

Source - Google Blog

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