After all the chaos happened due to shady ads in MIUI, Xioami started pushing ads in the Mi Fit app as well. Mi Fit app is Xiaomi's app for smart bands and watches. Last time they said that ads are part of their integrated business model and they can't stop it. 


The above is the screenshot of the Mi Fit app showing the Amazefit Zenbuds ad. Amazefit is Xiaomi's partner company that manufactures Mi Bands. Now Amazefit started selling its own lineup of products in India. 


Xiaomi became the most loved brand across the globe due to offering affordable quality products at great prices, also listening to customer feedback, and incorporating the changes into their app services and products. But after receiving such negative feedback due to ads, price hikes, and the effect of the Indo-China war, they started to stop all possible means of customer interaction. 

This becomes scarier as now Xiaomi will show ads in their third-party applications that are easily available on Play Store and can be downloaded and used by any smartphone user. This extends Xiaomi's ad-network towards users who even bought Mi Weighing Scale.

We are not against the ad system. Even we at The Tech Show use ads to serve our audience the best possible honest content. But those 18+ shady ads were too much in MIUI and this pushed me and my family to switch to stock android. Because we pay a premium to remove apps in certain ads, getting ads in system apps and UI was way too irritating. 

What's Next?

  • With the track record of Xiaomi pushing ads in various of their app, we soon might see ads in Mi Home, Mi Remote, and Mi Calculator app as well.  
  • The TV OS, Patchwall is Xiaomi's custom OS for their Mi Tv lineup. With all the investment they are doing in Entertainment Sector, we might soon see banner ads promoting different services in Mi TV.
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The Solution

  • Xiaomi could allow an option to Remove ads. Be it a nominal fee because we understand that investments are to be made to create such wonderful ecosystem services. 
  • Show quality ads and stop partnering with shady dating apps which is just way too much.
  • Show your own services ads with special discounts and stuff like apple does to push people deep in their own ecosystem.
  • Limit the ads to a few places.
Now other brands like Samsung also started showing ads in their OneUI. But the start was due to Xiaomi. If this continues then all other brands will start copying Xiaomi and will show ads in all their apps and services.

What do you think about this situation? Do you want to see ads in Mi Fit or Mi TV? 

Let us know in the comments down below. 

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