EVE: ECHOES is a MMORPG sandbox released for the mobile platform. It is based on the sci-fi universe of EVE, where the player is a “Capsuleer”, a being who has become in a sense ‘immortal’. 

There are four empires you can choose to start as in the game. The empire you choose determines your starting location and the weapons of choice for a while. It is possible to use the ships of another empire. 

Skill tree determines what the status modifiers of the player is. The skills can be trained in queues of up to 24 hours for free. Some skills need to be bought with in game currency known as isk. 

Isk can be obtained by selling goods, doing delivery missions, doing encounters, killing pirates, faction warfare, etc. That is the beauty of EVE, the vast choices available to the player. From military, trading, miner, manufacturer, faction member, etc.

Aur is a currency that can only be obtained via payment. Plex is another currency that is obtainable via both in game isk or via payment. Plex is used for the game subscription.

Each solar system is linked to another via stargates. And each solar system is assigned a security status. This status indicates how active the security forces are in that system. Any system below 0.5 security status does not attract attention from the NPC security forces. So piracy and bandits and pvp factions are found in these systems with a lower security status than this.

The game gives you a basic tutorial when you first begin. The basics of the game are mostly covered in the tutorial. 

The ships range from the smallest: Corvettes to the biggest (in EVE:Echoes): Battleships.

Here is the list in ascending order of size:

  • Corvette
  • Frigate
  • Destroyer
  • Cruiser
  • Battle Cruiser
  • Battleship

Progression could be from a smaller ship to a larger ship or one can specialize in a specific role for a ship size class. Bigger ships are not always better as ships are classified into small, medium and large sizes. Bigger ships have trouble targeting smaller ships, however they have more firepower. Certain ships have bonuses to specific modules like cloaking, jamming, etc.

Ships can be either military or industrial. Industrial ships are used for delivering goods or to mine// harvest materials.

All ships have a certain amount of equipment slots. Depending on these slots and their power and cpu levels, they can equip modules (Weapons, drones, harvesting equipment, etc)

The main weapons preferred by each faction are:

Amarr: Lasers

Caldari: Missiles/Torpedoes/Cruise Missiles and Railguns

Gallente: Railguns and Drones

Minmatar: Artillery/ Projectile Weapons

Their ships can equip all kinds of weapons as long as the ship has enough slots and power and cpu. But the faction ships receive bonuses for the weapon systems of their choice. This can be checked in the ship description.

For a detailed guide check:


To check each ship, go to the Ship tree tab of the Profile menu in game.

EVE: Echoes implements the same mechanic of F2p-P2p balance as it does in the PC game. It is one of the few games where the balance between paying and free player is maintained well without breaking the game. 

The F2p account is called an Alpha account, whereas the P2p is known as Omega account.

In order to get an Omega account, you have to buy the subscription via an in game currency known as Plex. Plex can be bought with Isk (the main in game currency). 

The game is fun to play even as an alpha account and the community is supportive. However it is advisable to always watch your back in EVE as there are PvPers, Pirates and the like. One may join a pirate faction or start their own trading company or their military career in EVE, there are a plethora of possibilities.

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