This quarantine when everyone is working from home, it becomes necessary to get the most from your home office setup. Be it the accessories or furniture everything should suit your needs to get the most productivity out of you. 

Today, we are sharing the unboxing and review of the Portronics My Buddy Hexa 3 Portable Laptop Stand. Using a Laptop Stand helps to bring your laptop screen to your eye level, reducing neck and back pain also keeps your laptop temperatures low.



My Buddy Hexa 3 Portable Laptop Stand MRP is 699 Rs but we got it for just Rs 399 at the nearest D-Mart store. It comes in a nice cardboard box with features beautifully listed on the front. 


The back of the box gives detailed information about each feature and proudly displays the "Make In India" Logo. This is truly manufactured in New Delhi. 


Opening the box and you get to see nice cubes design on the top lid and stand packed in polythene plastic. A great effort in detail presentation. 


Coming to the stand this is all  ABS Plastic build with a large vent in the bottom for airflow. There is no provision for external fans or cable management. 


It can easily hold any 13 inches to a 17-inch laptop with ease and even being plastic it is very durable. According to Portronics, it can hold a laptop up to 25KG.


It has 12 adjustments to raise the laptop between 13cm to 18cm. The stand weighs only 590 gms and can be easily carried as it is designed to be portable and can be carried with any laptop.



There is hardly anything to complain about this My Buddy Hexa 3 Portable Laptop Stand at the price of Rs 399. The quality is good even when priced around Rs 500. It made my laptop using experience even better. No need to bend at the screen or worry about the laptop overheating. The durable plastic and passive cooling went do it all. 

Highly Recommended. Buy at the nearest D-Mart Store near you at a highly discounted price. If you are unable to visit or it is not in stock anymore then buy a similar one from amazon

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