Zebronics Zeb Ultimate Pro is a Webcam available for purchase for under ₹ 2000. 

It comes with a 5 MP CMOS sensor with variable zoom lens (manual focus). 

It records upto 1920 x 1080 video at 30 fps.

The webcam has a USB interface with plug and play. The cable is 1.58 meters in length.

It has a built in microphone, allowing one to utilize it along with a PC to join video conferences.

The camera supports plug and play so there is no need to install drivers manually.

The camera has auto white balance inbuilt so it adjusts automatically to the lighting conditions. 

Also for low light conditions, there are LEDs inbuilt in the webcam which can be switched on or off using the switch on top of the device.

The device has a clip on design and the camera has a ball joint attachment between it and the clip. So, the camera angles can be adjusted slightly.

Box Pictures:

The packaging only contains the camera device.

In Windows 10, the maximum settings that were obtained were:

2.1 MP for Photos

1080p at 30 Fps for Video

 Sample photos:

Buy from Amazon:

Video and Audio sample:

The device has been tested for over a week. So far it has been adequate for daily usage. 

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