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 This app shows you uncommon words and their meaning. It has its own widget so that you can access the app without opening it. You may set the refresh rate of the widget from 30 minutes upto 24 hours. If you access the app, it shows you a plethora of words and their meaning. Pretty much improving one's vocabulary. The widget appearance can be varied as per preference and the size adapts to the defined length. The widget screenshot is as shown below.

Orphic – Apps on Google Play

Video Compress:

This is a handy app when there is an urgent need for video compression and editing. Although not as powerful as its counterpart software which is computer-based, this app uses your smartphone's processor in order to carry out compression, video cutting, extracting mp3 track from video and so on. It gets the job done with a little heat and time depending on how large the compression ratio is and how efficient your SoC is. 

10 Best Video Compressor Apps (Android/IPhone) 2020

Flippy Knife:

      A game for those who have less time to indulge in a story or learn rules, also for those who love minimalist themed games. It has a beautiful art style and really simple interface. You have to move a knife to achieve goals like flipping it onto a log blade side down, hitting a target, traversing through platforms and there is also a game mode inspired by nin-jump. With a large selection of knives and simplistic gameplay, you won't be bored for your next long-haul trip.

 Flippy Knife - Apps on Google Play


An awesome take on offline multiplayer. The User interface is just innovative. It has three game modes, of which only one is available for free, which is the multi-player duel mode. In this mode, you face your opponent, in a one-on-one drone battle. The other two modes are available in the paid version, which is co-op defense of a line from invading ships and the last mode consists of deflecting a striker into the opponent's goal (yeah just like Air hockey). Unlike most other offline co-op games, this app utilizes both the screens of the involved parties, such that there is a larger display available for the game. By aligning both the smartphones the game may begin. It utilizes either a Wi-Fi connection(Devices on the same network) or even Bluetooth.

DUAL! - Apps on Google Play

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