Monday, 15 January 2018

Samsung Unveils World's First Foldable Smartphone (CES 2018)

According to South Korean newspaper The Korea Herald, Samsung have unveiled the world's first foldable smartphone to a private audience in Las Vegas during the recently concluded CES 2018. Reports claim that the phone is set to be announced later this year and has been named Galaxy X.

Patents for the device show a book-like handset that can be opened to transform into a tablet. The Korea Herald says the firm is showing off two versions of the handset behind closed doors in Las Vegas. Both have a 7.3inch screen, and one folds in, and one out.

Patents of the device shows a book like handset that can be opened to transform into a tablet. The Korea Herald claims that there exist two versions of the handset; an in-folding one and another out-folding one. According to the Korean Herald the in-folding one will go into production in November. 

A few more patent drawing were uncovered giving us further insight about the phone's design. Below are the aforementioned drawings. 

When not in use, the secondary display can be turned into a touchpad, which could see it turned into a gaming console rather like Nintendo's DS range.

When not in use, the secondary display can be turned into a touchpad making it ideal for gamers. This design is similar to that of the Nintendo's DS range.

Koh Dong-jin, president of mobile business at Samsung Electronics, said earlier this year the company is setting its eyes on 2018 to release the 'the holy grail' of smartphones with a bendable display.

He said: 'As the head of the business, I can say our current goal is next year.
'When we can overcome some problems for sure, we will launch the product.'

Do you think this phone will do well commercially? If you want us to cover something, let us know in the comments section below. Goodbye for now!

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