Linux is a more stable and secure operating system than Windows or Mac. They run efficiently from a high-end computer to even a toaster. Linux is customizable like Android and is used by millions of servers worldwide. There are various distributions of Linux to suit different user's needs. But when it comes to moving from Windows/Mac to Linux then it becomes difficult because of apps and games available on Linux is limited. In this article, we cover best-suggested Windows/Mac apps alternatives for Linux computers. This will work with every distribution. Now it's time to shift.

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Windows/Mac Apps
Linux Apps
Adobe Photoshop Express 
GNU Image Manipulation (GIMP), Krita, Pixlr, Darktable

Adobe Premiere Pro/ Wondershare Filmora / Final Cut Pro
Blender, Lightworks, Kdenlive, Davinci Resolve, Open Shot  
Microsoft OneNote / Notes App
SimpleNote, Typewriter
Messenger / iMessage
Telegram, Station, Discord
Skype / Meetings / Hangouts
Zoom Meetings, Skype
Cache Cleaner / Optimizer
Microsoft Office
Only Office, WPS Office, Libre Office, Open Office
Music App
Game Store
Steam, Lutris, Humble Bundle
Chrome, Firefox, Brave, Vivaldi
Microsoft Outlook / Mail App
Mailspring, Thunderbird, Bluemail
Code Editor
Atom, Visual Studio Code, Sublime Text
Video Player
VLC Media Player, MPC-HC, MPlayer
Document Scanner
PCB Designing Software
Streaming Services
LBRY, Plex, Kodi
Backup Tools / Cloud Backup
Rsync, Timeshift, Bacula, Clonezilla
SSH Clients
Desktop Wallpapers
Fondo, Wallch, Variety

[These apps are distribution agnostic, meaning you can directly search their names in your distro app store or just google/duck duck it to download from your favorite package manager.]

While it's not practically possible to list all the alternative because they are so many. But this cheat sheet includes the best stable and popular apps which will get things done quickly with no tinkering at all. There are many ways to run native Windows/Mac apps but that procedure requires a lot of tinkering and many times it is not stable at all.

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It is recommended to you these apps and services. It will enhance your Linux experience. The best part 90% of apps in this list are FREE. You can download these apps in your app store that came with Linux distribution or just search on the web for different repositories. Some of the apps are exclusive to their website or GitHub page so make sure to check that out. 


Enjoy Amazon Music, YouTube Music, and Google Play Music on Linux -

These apps make you more productive and works flawlessly with many Linux Distributions. There is some learning curve but after that you might never want to switch back to Windows/Mac because Linux is just AMAZING. 

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