Hey Everyone,

Wish you all a very Happy and Prosperous New Year. 

The new year marks New Journey and New Beginnings for us so let's discuss What's Next For The Tech Show in 2022.

But before that let's Recap the Year 2021 -

Tech YouTube Channel | Akshay Bhopani - 11,200 Subscribers and 3,911,293 views

Tech YouTube Hindi Channel | The Tech Show India - 52 Subscribers 19,773 views in just 5 Videos

Newsletter - 120 Subscribers

The Tech Show Blog - 197 Posts and 5,84,504 Views 

The Tech Show Downloads - 46 Posts 5,15,696 Views

The Tech Store1,896 Visitors and 127+ Shipped Items, a total worth of ₹131,991.89.

Brand Endorsement - DomainRacer, Haylou, and XtremePc.

*Stats as per 31st December 2021

That seems pretty decent. Isn't it? But we have huge Plans and Goals for The Tech Show in the coming years.

What's Next

  • New High-Quality Content Coming
  • New Crypto Content Coming
  • Introducing The Tech Show Developers

Sadly there won't be any Introductory Video this year as we do every year because I am super busy with my work life. But we think we have come a long way since our first Introductory Video and our Intro's, Outro's, and Logo's for all channels and websites are pretty good.

Here is the last year Introductory Video - 

We will continue to produce High-Quality Content for you all across all our products. 

We are planning to launch Crypto Content-specific for our Indian audiences as the future is bright with Web 3. Let us know with the below pole what we should name it?

So this Projects thing was hidden from you all, basically, I am a Full-Time Web Developer so I can create some custom websites with quality content. So we are finally making this public and we call these projects a part of The Tech Show Developers. We might make the repository public and open for contributions. 

Here are the Stats of our current Projects -

Saregama Carvaan Songs Website - 10,000 Views
Saregama Carvaan Chrome Plugin - 39 Users/Installs on Chrome Web Store

*Stats as per 31st December 2021

We are planning to launch some Web 3.0 based Crypto Projects this year. Let me know if you are interested or willing to contribute, in the comments down below.

If you are reading so far, I appreciate your support wholeheartedly. This is what makes The Tech Show Community Awesome. 

Let me know What You Want Next From Us? in the comments down below.

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